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Swimming Pools

We have 20 years’ experience in the swimming pool industry and have a working relationship with the best of these pool installers. 

We are happy to work alongside your pool builder or ours.

We bring a coherent approach to the project and using the site to its best advantage. 


Types of Pools Available 


Sprayed concrete over boxing and steel reinforcing

Any size or shape can be constructed using this method.

As each shell is specifially engineered, the pool can be partially or totally above ground. Once the shell has cured, selected coping ston

Coping stones and water line tiles are fitted along with a selected plaster internal finish.

This is a labour intensive process, meaning it may be more expensive.


Sprayed fibreglass over a boxed out shape

Can be any shape and size. The selected colour is in the gel coat of the sprayed shell.

Can be built above ground. Has the ability to flex and move a small amount.

Usual coping stone and water line tiles are fitted.

This is a specialised operation. Mid price. 


Drop in Fibreglass pool

These are factory made under controlled conditions and offer a variety of sizes and shapes. A large selection of colours is available.

This type of pool needs an in-ground location.

Usual coping stone and water line tiles can be fitted.

Very quick installation time. Low to mid-price bracket. An increasingly viable alternative due to

new manufacturing processes.   

All of these pools have their merits depending on your site, your budget and your lifestyle.